June 28, 2023


Some simple code, some simple electronics. Guitar pedals and a touch of pop culture.

I’m Rob, and this is where I dump stuff from my cabin, so that when I invariably lose my thread I can come back here and remind myself of whatever it was I was trying to do.

I’ve had a few blogs and online ‘things’ over the years, some were more diligently updated or kindly patronised than others. At the time of starting this one I find myself helping out on a number of different projects – some electronic, some code and some lying partway between the two.

I will endeavour to use tags and categories here, in a facade of organisation, but please don’t be fooled. Unless these current projects turn out very differently to my older adventures, they will bleed into each other; abandoned threads and vague ideas from one stream may suddenly become core components of another. Rarely is anything learnt or observed and then never used in something.

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