About The Mill Cabin

(Edit : Feb 2024 – no longer at The Mill, no longer in a Cabin. More update to come soon)

The Mill Cabin is the slightly whimsical name given to the elevated summerhouse shed that my neighbour kindly assembled for me, on the edge of our garden.

It consists mainly of a 4-seater fabric sofa, a white IKEA storage unit and a perpetually untidy desk (a shabby, repurposed dining table). There’s also a surprising amount of garden detritus on a large brown rug; always some leaves, twiglets or catkins, and an alarming ingress of mud and mulch.

On the storage unit there are books (modern computer languages, retro computer reference and assembly language guides, some music production resources and various niche tech oddities), a small Marshall practice amplifier, and enough mismatched incomplete tool kits to put a vocational college to shame. All unclaimed space has become overgrown with components, wires, cables and partially assembled elements of larger items.

The desk usually sags under a couple of monitors, a laptop and whatever bits and pieces of “stuff” are currently occupying the day’s attention.

And the sofa is usually buried under whatever bits and pieces of “stuff” were in-play yesterday and which had to be relocated before this morning could begin.

From time to time – though not frequently enough – the rug is swept.